Spare a Penny (or a few pounds) for David's Pen y Fan effort

David Rogers is going to spend the 15th of July on a special fund raising effort.

Here's the inspiration for his charity effort.

How many times can I get up and down Pen y Fan in 24 hours?

David said:

"Pen y Fan and Bannau Brycheiniog as well as the Preseli Hills are where I learnt how to navigate and explore the mountains. I became comfortable being uncomfortable in all sorts of weather. I am therefore really excited to return to the area for my next challenge.

On the 15th July I will be seeing how many times I can summit Pen y Fan in 24 hours. I’ll be at Love Trails for the weekend, so it made sense to tie the two together.

Per lap.

This is a solo adventure to raise money and awareness for bigmoose and training for the 250km ultra of Why We Run in September this year.

How can you help:

donate - let’s help save more lives

Talk - check in with your friends and family. Don’t judge. Don't give advice.

join in - Heckle me via social media or come along for a lap or to give me snacks (David likes mince pies)

Stand by for more information.


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