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New Ladybird Expert Series title

A new addition to the Ladybird Expert series of books has been written by Professor Iain Stewart and is on the theme of 'Plate Tectonics'. Good to see Marie Tharp included, for her work visualising the work of herself and colleagues....

Sanctuary III

I've loved the first two of Rob Reed's homages to Mike Oldfield, and am very much looking forward to the 3rd instalment... out at the end of the Easter holiday.

Current listening

Share your special places please...

This is the 125th Anniversary year of the Geographical Association , and the conference in Sheffield in April will be very special. One of the projects I'm doing (and have been doing for some time) is to tweet out a 'top tip' a day for 125 days on the GA Secondary Phase committee twitter feed . This is coming to a climax on the first day of the conference. As part of the plans for the GA's celebrations, and connecting with my OS GetOutside Champions Role for 2018, I'm going to start collating a list of 125 inspirational places to visit in the UK. We all have places from which we draw inspiration... This could be a beach, a particular walk, a historic building, a bench overlooking a viewpoint, a landscape feature or something more esoteric.  The reasons behind the inspiration may relate to family members, an emotional reunion, or sad passing; they may be places that are visited often, or which left a lasting impression from a single visit. They may be places