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Our Place in Space

I've been following the latest installation by Oliver Jeffers. It allows people to find out their Place in Space: to put Earth into its context. "The only place where... stories are told." Astronauts have the 'overview effect' when they look down on the planet and Oliver wanted to show the scale of the Solar System. Oliver  has created a walk way which runs through the city of Derry and is shortly heading for Cambridge. See more details here .  If you can’t get to Belfast or Cambridge this summer, there is a free app which allows you to follow the walk virtually. Download it from this link. One of the aims of the walk is to consider scale – an important idea in geography too.   There are also teaching resources to download exploring some of the ideas, which may be of interest even if you don’t follow the trail. Let us know if you take part with your class, or perhaps your family. The trail is about humanity's place in the solar system. It's going to Cambr


The new Bruce Hornsby album has a song called LIDAR for all the geographers out there. Lyrics are all about 3D mapping and open data sets - a little niche :) Scanning forest canopies, evidence to be found They're free online in the public domain Mapping truth, learning skills, through the laze Big fan of Bruce since 1986, and seen him live three times in that time on his rare trips to the UK...

GI Pedagogy Training Course - 4-6 July

Last week I had a meeting of the GI Pedagogy group of partners - which is funded by an ERASMUS+ grant, given by the British Council. We have been working on resources and an online teacher training course.  We now have an opportunity for you to join us for a face to face event in Madrid. Free training course for secondary teachers - introducing an Innovative Pedagogical Model for Teaching using GIS, July 4-6 2022, Madrid, @GIPedagogy project, some travel grants available - find out more and register at — karl_donert (@karldonert) May 19, 2022 The Registration form is here, and you can also request a first-come first-served grant of €200 to help with the cost of attending if you are outside of Spain. It would be great to have you there. Happy to answer any further questions as well. 

The Clock Winds Down

Thanks to Anne Dolan for the tipoff to this powerful new music from Christy Moore.

Singh Sisters

This exhibition was shown on local news in the East of England. It opened this weekend and is on until September. It is taking place in Colchester and I hope to try to get down there. It is called Slaves of Fashion. It explores hidden narratives of Empire, Colonialism, conflict, slavery and luxury lifestyle through the lens of India's historical textile trade and their relevance to modern day legacies and debates around ethical consumerism, racism and the politics of trade. Following its huge success at Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery (where it attracted over 105,000 visitors) and Wolverhampton Art Gallery in 2018, the exhibition is planned to tour further venues - both in the UK and abroad.