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American Oscars for American films?

I'll just leave this here... President Trump complaining that Parasite won the Best Film Oscar. That's not quite how the Oscars work....

Trump and Greenland

I posted about Trump's desire to buy Greenland at the time, but just come across this tweet and video which are rather good, and might be of use to those exploring geopolitics and cultural implications of this request. The race for the Arctic is on, and for what? For more fossil fuels... I'd missed this Tweet as well.

A chance to work with me

Occasionally, a job appears in the school where I work, and in the department where I work... There's one free again at the moment. We are after someone to work in the Senior school in particular, who is a strong 'A' level practitioner, through GCSE and down to KS3 in the Junior School potentially. There will also be some wider contribution to the school community too of course - sport perhaps, or some other skill you have. Full details are on the school website. You have until the 3rd of March to apply, and interviews are held on the 10th of March. Good luck!

GA Conference 2020 Teachmeet

Tickets are now available on Eventbrite for the GA Conference Teachmeet at the GA Conference 2020. They are free of charge, and you don't have to be a conference delegate to attend, so pop in for an early Friday night treat and a beer if you live near Guildford. Thanks to David Rogers for organising the event. TeachMeet is not about presenting a new product or theory, rather it is a chance for teachers to hear real narratives of practice from each other. It is about being engaged and inspired by our colleagues – with a bucket-load of networking to boot! It is free to attend, networking and cash bar from 5:30pm with presentations starting at 5:45pm. An hour of turbo CPD! Presentations are strictly limited to 6 minutes. They will be in a random order. Sign up here to come along - this is to give us an idea of numbers. The event is open to all, not restricted to conference delegates. Several future GA Presidents have presented at previous Teachmeets. Sign up to speak. Preferen