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Just caught up with this DHL Ad.... "It's a Small World..."

Geography and the Media

Just had a sneak preview of the programme for the SAGT conference , which will be held at Edinburgh Academy on the 25th of October (blogged about this earlier...) The keynote RSGS lecture will be given by Dr. Iain Stewart, and the Hodder Gibson lecture by record-breaking cyclist Mark Beaumont. There will also be sessions by several friends, including Val Vannet, Dan Raven Ellison, David Rayner, Ollie Bray and Christine Lloyd Staples. The theme is GEOGRAPHY AND THE MEDIA I'll give details on how to register as a delegate (it's a great day's CPD) later in the year. See you all there ! If you have any creative uses of films, books, music, TV etc. please get in touch... Already got quite a few ideas already from a certain colleague which I'll be flagging up...

Rebranding: Markets are our culture...

Enjoying reading " Real England " by Paul Kingsnorth, which has an accompanying BLOG , which I'm of course very much in favour of... There are some very good sections in the book for geographers. One I read last night is in Chapter 6 of the book, and features the Queen's Market in Upton Park , London "Saving the market is not just about money, it's about our culture, and our culture is priceless" Poet Benjamin Zephaniah on Queen's Market This is a market which has been in operation for many decades, and has a remarkable cosmopolitan feel to it. The market apparently hasn't had a lot of investment in recent years, but has now been made available to a redevelopment firm called St. Modwen. This has not gone down well with all of the traders, some of whom fear that the rents will be increased once the development has finished. There is a website to help keep the market: FRIENDS OF QUEEN'S MARKET Image by Adrian Arbib from http://www.friendsof

Bill Bryson on the British....

Essentially British

I discovered that in 2007, a DVD called " Essentially British " was sent to all History and Citizenship heads in secondary schools. This has a number of films which look like being perfect for the idea of Cultural Change. There are some short clips and more details HERE. Might be worth tracking down in your school....