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Cultural Geography

Music for Earth Hour...

Extreme Environments e-book

One of the things about being a prolific blogger is that things you write disappear off the main section of the blog quite quickly. I thought it was worth reminding you of something that I created a while back with the guy on the left here... A couple of years ago, Richard Allaway and I created an eBook on Extreme Environments. It is perfect for revision, and as we come closer to REVISION SEASON you may want to download it, as thousands of other people have already done. Now available in over 50 countries...

DISTANCE... we've come a long way...

Distance stands for: Demonstrating the Internet of School Things: a National collaborative experience It's a project that I've been involved with along with a group of partners including INTEL, Sciencescope, CASA at UCL and the Open University. Helen and Tom from Explorer HQ have worked with me to produce some exciting ideas, supported by Mark, Dan, Paul and other colleagues from Explorer HQ on the technical side. We've been working to create educational materials for the schools involved in the Pilot, and ultimately schools all over the country. Click the Resources tab on the website, and you will find that you can see some of these... They would be useful to adapt even without access to the kit that the schools had. The website has developed tremendously since the start of the project... Follow Apps > Dashboard to see some of the live data feeds from the project.