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Dialects - where are you 'from'?

This has been going the rounds for the last few days, and is an updated version of a previous quiz which aimed at pinpointing people's home area from the way they pronounced certain words, or used vernacular terms for particular things. For some reason, it was shared from the New York Times website. I was born in Rotherham, and so I had a childhood using words like snicket, spell and wagging it. It was successful in identifying Sheffield as the likely area. I have since lived in Norfolk for more than half my life, but not lost some aspects of my accent and natural vernacular vocabulary. The quiz was less successful pinpointing my son, with a vague diagnosis of the SE of England. How accurately does it locate you?

Using illustrations for teaching and learning about migrant experiences

House of Illustration and Positive Negatives are delighted to invite educators to a very special Teachers’ Twilight Event to celebrate the launch of our brand new teaching resources for Key Stages 2, 3 and 4. These new resources use illustration techniques for teaching and learning about this important subject. Packed with both inspiration and practical guidance, these cross-curricular resources are completely free to download and ready to use in the classroom. House of Illustration will launch our KS2 resources, packed with guidance notes, a choice of activities, step-by-step instructions and a slideshow, while Positive Negatives launches their own resources for KS3 and KS4, built around comics and short animations. These complementary projects address the experiences of unaccompanied young asylum seekers, the dangerous journeys to Europe being undertaken by refugees and the lives of undocumented young people in the UK. We provide information and activities to explore citiz

An Englishman (and Geographer) in New York

I'm heading for New York , for the first time, during the Easter break. I've got a few guide books from colleagues, and advice from people who've been before, and got a hotel booked. We'll be there for quite a few days, and will of course be hitting the usual places you would expect: Top of the Rock, Ground Zero, Staten Island ferry etc. There's some plans for architecture, film locations, walking the High Line, taking in a show and some psychogeographical wanderings. Does anyone have any suggestions for things that I definitely should not miss as a geographer? The Central Park erratics and rĂ´che moutonnee are on the list of course, as well as the many urban highlights. Image by Ella Parkinson, edited using Prisma app.

London National Park City crowdfunder

There has been a great deal of progress on Daniel Raven Ellison 's campaign for London to become a National Park City.  This will be launching in July, and Daniel has started a Crowdfunding campaign to ensure that as many Londoners as possible know about it. Why not support the project with a small donation.