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Bright Magic

Bright Magic is the latest album from the band Public Service Broadcasting. It is influenced by the city of Berlin, and influenced by 'Metropolis', Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Marlene Dietrich, Weimar era Germany and the history of the city. I was due to visit in 2020 for an ERASMUS trip, but the pandemic ended those plans. I have blogged about this band and their music many times before. This is another triumph after 'Every Valley' and 'The Race for Space'. The final track embraces the quotidian... with a rendition of a poem by Kit Tucholsky called 'Eyes in the Big City' with vocals by Nina Hoss. Looking forward to seeing this played live in November. Check out the album on your favourite streaming service... 

Crown Lands

I've blogged about Crown Lands before... their latest EP is now out in full. Check it out...

Full English

An interesting Conversation article on the carbon footprint of a full English breakfast. The article explores how to reduce the impact of this meal, which 80% of British people apparently say they enjoy. I used to enjoy the Little Chef and hotel breakfasts on my road trips around the country in my GA days.

Anna Dillon

I love the recent artworks which have been created by Anna Dillon. They are called Wessex Airscapes.  They are on display at Radley College through September. They were created in collaboration with aerial photographer Hedley Thorne. Go to Anna's website and for each painting you will see that there is a link to a short sound file which tells the landscape story of each painting, including something of the history and geology of the locations... a really nice additional element.