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Future Geographers - careers and study in Geography

If the conference was going ahead as planned, one of my contributions was to do a session for the Young Geographers' strand. This didn't form part of the final eConference. As I knew the conference was cancelled, I didn't spend the day or so needed to finish it off, but have put in some notes of what I would have said. If I am called on to do this session next year it will all have changed anyway, so I thought I'd share it as part of my contributions to the eConference. I've shared it here for you to view / fillet as required to help with transition perhaps for Y11 / Y13 students over the coming weeks.


I have this on my iPhone at low volume every night, and now it is being broadcast live this evening through until tomorrow. An 8 hour instrumental piece... "...made as a kind of landscape for the sleeping mind to inhabit..." Radio 3 link here. It's a beautiful relaxation, and when I wake part way through the night I am then able to go back quickly....

Young Geographer of the Year 2020 - and Rex Walford Award

This year’s RGS-IBG  Young Geographer of the Year competition gives young people the chance to explore the potential that geography holds. The title this year is particularly apt. Although we might all be confined to our homes, and doing #geographyathome , the RGS-IBG are asking young people to explore their wider geographical horizons by providing entries to the  Young Geographer of the Year competition and explore the geography of: 'The world beyond my window' They are interested in entries that explore the human and physical geography of places that exist beyond a young person's window, be it locally or further afield. They want to know how young people’s lives are connected to and influenced by these places - be the connections physical, digital or emotional. They also want students to demonstrate that they understand how geographical processes in the physical and human worlds have created these places and might be changing them. The competition has four

Digimap for Schools - free until the end of July

In an effort to help students and parents during this challenging time of isolation and home schooling, Digimap for Schools will be  free for  any  school to access from today until the end of July 2020. If you are an existing Digimap for Schools subscriber, they are  automatically extending  subscriptions by four months, at no cost , subscribers don't need to do a thing. Register your details and  start accessing Digimap for Schools immediately .

IB Webinar with Matt and Richard

If you teach iGCSE / IB Geography you may want to check out the details. In association with Discover the World Education. This will be an essential webinar for all International teachers. It may become a more regular event during lockdown. Details on how to join will appear on the IB Facebook Group.