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Brexit Pop-up shop

Looks like we have reached another stage of the Brexit negotiations... This weekend, a spoof pop-up shop opened up to connect with the Black Friday sales, and Danielle Majid kindly allowed me to use some of the photos she took. I love the creativity of this sort of 'shop' (you may remember the shop full of knitted products I blogged probably a year or so ago...) Image credit: Danielle Majid

TeachMeet GeographyIcons 2019

Good news - just announced on Twitter. I was proud to have been asked to be the teacher keynote at the first event, and will hope to be there for the 2nd event too... but perhaps just with a short input.

GA Presidential election bid - some details here

Instead of spending phone credit on voting for the X Factor favourites, I'd like you to consider whether you might want to support me for the role of GA President. This starts with an election for the Junior Vice President, which would be from 2019-20. This is followed by the position of Vice President from 2020-2021, President for 2021-2022, and Past President for 2022-2023. I was asked to submit a 200 word statement as part of the process, which will be placed on the GA website, and the voting will open early in the New Year and close towards the end of February. You have to be a GA member to have a vote. Here's my statement: I have been a GA member since PGCE days in 1986. In 2004, I joined the Secondary Committee and am currently Secretary. Between 2008 and 2011 I worked as the GA’s Secondary Curriculum leader: part of the team delivering the Action Plan for Geography. I have led many GA CPD events and talks at GA branches across the country . I wrote a signifi

Iceland Christmas ad - it was banned....

Interesting tweet this morning... Our Christmas advert has been banned! So you won’t see it on TV, but you can watch it here We are keen to keep raising awareness of rainforest destruction and customers can now choose a no palm oil Christmas @icelandfoods @foodwarehouse — Richard Walker (@IcelandRichard) November 9, 2018 Advertising wasteful commercialism is fine, but alerting people to the environmental impact of their consumer choices isn't. This Guardian piece explores the reasons why it deserves to be shown, and why we need to stop using palm oil. Take a look