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Discovering Britain - new from the RGS-IBG

Thanks to Jenny from the RGS-IBG for letting me know about the imminent launch of a new site which offers a fresh look at the UK. The site is called DISCOVERING BRITAIN. "We are developing an exciting series of geographically-themed walks across the UK that aim to bring these stories alive and to inspire everyone to explore and learn about our different landscapes." Look forward to seeing the full site when it appears in just over a month's time....

National Geographic : Geography Awareness resource

Earlier this year, I was involved in an exciting project with National Geographic Education in the USA as part of the Geography Collective . This led to my friend and colleague Daniel Raven Ellison spending a week at the National Council for Geographic Education  conference  in Portland, Oregon, and working with educators from across the USA. This project has been an exciting one to be involved with. It offers a range of activities which can be carried out in your neighbourhood, and earn points for completing them. Would be good for exploring local areas, local wildlife and ideas of community. These will be used across the USA for their Geography Awareness Week later in the year. You will need to have registered with TES Connect , which is free and takes a few moments. You can then DOWNLOAD THE BOOKLET as a 34 page, 13 Mb PDF and check it out. Please take a look and let me know what you think...

Superb VIMEO films

Via Al Humphreys and Victoria Ellis MOVE from Rick Mereki on Vimeo . Superb... Watch full screen... First minute of the new school year SORTED.... Also follow the links to LEARN and EAT...