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Carbon City Zero Game

Carbon City Zero is a new Kickstarter project which is developed by the people behind 10:10 Climate Action. It's a card game which explores the idea of carbon reduction. Here's the description. As a newly appointed city mayor you have been tasked with creating a carbon neutral city. It sounds easy, but you'll soon discover that your carbon budgets are hard to balance. Can you hit the zero carbon target before your rivals? The race to become the first zero carbon city is on... Carbon City Zero is a deck-building game for 2-4 players, in which players develop a sustainable city by building factories, managing people, lobbying government ministers, and raising public awareness. Each player starts with an identical Draw Deck (and a Carbon Level of 40), buying additional cards from a shared Marketplace to create a more sustainable city. Balancing the need to generate income with reducing carbon, players can follow numerous paths to victory, creating synergies between Gov

9/1 - Disaster Prevention Day

The 1st of September is Disaster Prevention Day in Japan. It commemorates the Great Kanto earthquake that took place on that date in 1923 9/1 is Bosai ( #DisasterPrevention ) Day--visit the #BosaiDiversity site and better prepare yourself by discovering the many unique emergency needs of a diverse society. #ResilientJapan #LandOfDiversity — The Gov't of Japan (@JapanGov) September 1, 2019 I've blogged previously about my Tokyo Bosai book, which was handed out to all households in the city. One of them decided to sell theirs on eBay. Check out the Bosai Diversity website  for a video and a set of cards of items which would be of particular value to particular people.  Click on the cards and tags and assemble your own kit , and recognise the different needs should a disaster arise. You can also share the kit you create with others... Looking to see if I can find the cards as a PDF download rather than