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I'd like a ticket for this concert tour please, and a flight to the USA too if it's not too much trouble...

RFID tags in the geography classroom

This is one of those "let's have a go at this..." moments. It's a 'development' of some of the excellent QR code work that Noel Jenkins has done. I read this week that some graffiti artists are now using QR codes to 'tag' their work... The idea of tagging is spreading (apparently there is no # tag on an Apple keyboard, although hashtags are now becoming very common...) It's obviously important to tag resources so that people can find them, photos are tagged on Flickr so they can be searched, and an extension of that is geotagging , which is now built in to some digital cameras, and is added to photos taken with my iPhone for example. So TOUCHATAG was introduced to me by John Davitt via some tweets and details from a conference that I followed remotely. John is also planning an event called Learning on the Beach #lob10 in Ireland which I would have attended as 'this year's Islay 2020' style CPD, but instead I will be at Glastonbury

Mystery book

Had a mystery parcel waiting for me at the GA yesterday. It was apparently posted from Oxford Press in the USA, but there was no letter enclosed. It's a copy of an intriguing book about the Ottoman Age of Exploration. The envelope was addressed to me via "Cultural Geography Blog", so presume a reader of the blog sent it... Can any blog visitor cast light on this ?