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New Bruce Hornsby album due in March - always excellent news... this track has links to COVID in its theme and lyrics...

Taylor Hawkins, RIP

 Times like these... 

An Hour before it's Dark

Out today... I bought Marillion's first album on the day of release in March 1983, and saw the band play live quite a few times, including some early gigs with Fish... Grendel and all. The new album came out today, and references climate change, COVID, Greta Thunberg, blood diamonds in Sierra Leone and a whole range of other issues of the modern day, with a reminder that as well as being kind to ourselves it might be better to be hard on ourselves... Interestingly, I'm seeing Tangerine Dream later this month, and their special guest guitarist for the final improvisation session of the concert is Steve Rothery: the Marillion gutarist. Here's the video for the opening track: 'Be Hard on Yourself'


This is not related to the 1980s TV drama featuring a nuclear bomb being dropped on Sheffield... Threads is a new online game from the Global Goals Centre , which has had the involvement of a number of organisations. Thanks to Verity Jones for the tipoff. Go here to play the game. The activity explores the product life cycle of an item of clothing, with different routes depending on what the product is, and several other decisions that are taken during the course of the journey... This is revealed at the end. Usefully, the team has also created a set of lesson plans which are helpful for those in KS2 and KS3, and with a strong cross-curricular / Global Goals theme. There are 8 lessons, each with a PPT and an accompanying overview document. Here are the details of the team that created the game and accompanying resources. This is well worth taking a look at, as there might be something here that can slot nicely into, or alongside existing curriculum content and activities.

UEA Green Film Festival

An opportunity for students to showcase their films. My son is in the 2nd year of his Film and TV degree, and here's a shortened version of a film he made on Biodiversity on UEA campus. Biodiversity - produced by Sam Parkinson (School of Art, Media and American Studies Student) @FTM_UEA @AMAUEA @uniofeastanglia #environment #biodiversity — UEA Green Film Festival (@UEAgreenfilms) March 1, 2022