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Right, I'm taking the steps...



Cultural globalisation...


Just because... The original Mission:Explore book - now sadly out of print... Mission Explore slo mo from Alan Parkinson on Vimeo .

10 years of the Edexcel Geography Ning

Over ten years ago, while working as a Head of Geography at a school in King's Lynn , I came across the Ning platform, short for Networking. It offered a free (at the time) platform which had the features of all sorts of other sites in one: - bulletin board for discussions - chat room - hosting of image galleries - hosting of videos, with embed codes - numerous groups with membership - profile pages Documents could be attached to discussions and this allowed for a community to develop, which could chat, share ideas and join groups around sub-themes. I built a Ning to support 6th form students and it worked well - in fact I did my first teachmeet presentation back in 2008 on Nings. In June 2007 , faced with the changes that were coming at 'A' level, we opted for Edexcel as the most forward thinking of the new specifications . They were introducing new ideas for the time, including ideas such as Rebranding Places, and a unit on Cultural Geography. We were teach

26 years ago today

I am told that when men hear its voice, it stays in their ears, they cannot be rid of it. It has many different voices: some happy, but others sad. It roars like a baboon, murmurs like a child, drums like the blazing arms of one thousand drummers, rustles like water in a glass, sings like a lover and laments like a priest... One of the greatest pieces of music ever was released.. apart from the final few minutes when Janet Brown appears...