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What makes us Human? Geography of course...

Moana.... cultural appropriation discussion

The latest Disney film features characters from Polynesian mythology... This Guardian article suggests it's not the first film to engage in this cultural appropriation....

Changing Places

New British Red Cross resource...

A new resource that I wrote for the British Red Cross has now been published, and placed online for download. It's taken almost a year from the original start of the project, which John Lyon asked me to do before he retired from the GA. During that time it has grown and become a major resource. It's 130 pages long , and packed with ideas for teaching about natural hazards and humanitarian aid. Free to download from the British Red Cross website. “We urge all geography teachers to download this free resource and encourage young people to think about the humanitarian impact of natural disasters. This invaluable resource pack has been created with the technical input from the British Red Cross combined with the expertise of GA teacher consultants.” Rebecca Kitchen, Secondary Curriculum Leader at the Geographical Association Introduction and curriculum links Learn about how the resource has been designed to support your teaching and how the content maps to the geogra