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Gilbert White Webinar

A free talk on Gilbert White for those with an interest in this naturalist and observer of the natural world. Join Kimberley James online as she introduces Gilbert White who celebrated his 300th anniversary in 2020. Gilbert White revolutionised the way the world looked at the nature, inspiring future scientists such as Charles Darwin. Gilbert White born in 1720, and changed the way the world looked at nature through his book The Natural History of Selborne, published in 1789 and never out of print since.  Considered by many to be the father of ecology, he was once a household name as familiar as David Attenborough is today.  In this 1 hour talk Collections Manager at Gilbert White’s House Kimberley James will take you through Gilbert’s life from a lively child, to his world wide fame and lasting natural legacy.  The talk will be followed by a Q&A and then both will be available on our YouTube Channel for the rest of the festival.