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"Veer off the track Take the path That leads beyond the map I'm a travelling man Each day I walk the byways of this life..." A track by the band 'Big Big Train'. And there they are playing their instruments for real in an excellent live performance. I miss that feeling when the bass pedals can be felt in your stomach at a gig...

Thought for the Day

There will be times on this journey All you'll see is darkness But out there somewhere Daylight finds you If you keep believing So don't run Don't hide It will be alright You'll see Trust me

A chance to work with me...

Following the interviews for the Senior school Head of Geography post at the school where I work before Easter, we now have an opening for a Teacher of Geography  at King's Ely. Come and take a look at the information .  A virtual tour of the school can be accessed here. Closing date for applications is the 20th of April.