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Climate and Nature Emergencies Poll

If you teach, or parent young people - or you are one yourself, please fill in this survey - the more respondents the better. Thanks in advance. We have a new  Geographers for Life @Geo4Life Twitter feed too, where we will be releasing the results of our work. Loading…

New Poetry prize announced by Simon Armitage

"I’ve always written poems about the area where I live, and my interests in things like the Antarctic and the Arctic and geography generally, all those subject matters are shaded now by the environmental situation."  Simon Armitage is a geographer, and the Poet Laureate. He grew up near Huddersfield, where I studied for my degree. His job carries a salary of £5000, and he has announced a new Poetry prize called the Laurel Prize for works on the theme of the environment and climate change. He has a lot of geographical credentials. He produced an excellent book around a visit to Iceland with Glyn Maxwell, following an early journey by W H Auden. He created some excellent radio programmes with a geographical theme, including one on the volcanic island of Surtsey His book 'All Points North' explored conceptions of the north. He has produced two books describing long distance footpaths and his experiences of the Pennine Way and the SW Coastal Path. He rece

New emojis for Africa

An interesting Guardian article on a new set of emojis which has been produced for use in Africa. Alternative representations of life on the continent. For example, the standard food emojis don't feature African dishes. Images were shared on Instagram. These haven't been sanctioned as 'official' emojis but are available to download for use in apps such as WhatsApp when people communicate with each other. It also references Emojination , which has helped to get new emojis such as the hijab approved and added to the list preloaded onto iPhones and similar devices.