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Frozen Landscapes

Over the Christmas holiday, the Pole of Cold team were making their way towards Oymyakon : the Pole of Cold (coldest inhabited place in the Northern Hemisphere) I've blogged about the project before, which has its Twitter feed and Facebook page. Meanwhile I was a little closer to home... in fact I was at home, working on a resource for the From the Field section of the Royal Geographical Society website. These resources are now live on the KS4 From the Field section of the RGS website. Check them out here: 3 lesson plans with all the materials , plus plenty of extension ideas and other materials, with more to come... Thanks to Matt Podbury for some kind words already. Let me know if you use them or take a look.

New BBC resource - read Paula Owens on Primary Geography

Really useful post and resource for those teaching Primary Geography . A new set of characters called the Go Jetters who teach young people about key geographical ideas. Geography helps children to make sense of their world. Very young children are naturally curious, and they love to actively explore the world around them, noticing all kinds of detail. That’s why they need to develop geographical vocabulary like the names of places, people and things, and the words needed to describe and locate them. It helps to think of children as little geographers – they each have their own world of private geographies  - the places they name for themselves with meanings that only they understand: the dens where they hide out with their friends, special meeting places in the school playground. Whether they’re playing in the back garden, or splashing through a muddy puddle on the way to school, children are intrepid explorers making new (to them) discoveries about the world every single d

Happy New Year

With a piece of music from IQ which I've enjoyed listening to lots over the last few weeks...