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SAGT Conference 2010

Up to Glasgow for the last few days for the 6th consecutive SAGT conference, this year held in the city for the first of its 3 year residency. The weather was mixed, and the journey up was not without its delays either, but the actual day of the event was bright and cold, and managed to get some nice pictures taken in the evening, as above - looking along the Clyde from the Crowne Plaza hotel and SECC. My presentation was part of the overall conference programme, which included a number of familiar names from previous events, and from English geography circles... I arrived the night before the conference, and over to Hutcheson's Grammar school via a jammed M8 to set up the GA stand. The school was a nice mix of ancient and modern, with a wonderful church for the keynotes. Our hotel was next to the SECC, and the Finnieston Crane  and made my way back there eventually after various diversions to meet with Dan and Noel, and out for a meal with Val Vannet at the City Cafe, overl

Michael Palin's love of Geography

taken from the ATL Magazine " is renewing itself 24 hours a day...  [and] remains for me the freshest and most exciting of subjects. Geography is about understanding our world. It illuminates the past, explains the present and prepares us for the future. What could be more important than that?"

Institute of Education Seminar

The latest in the Engaging Geography series, which was originated by the late Duncan Fuller, and now organised by his great friend and colleague (and fellow Geography Collective member) Kye Askins is being held on Wednesday of this week at the Institute of Education . Here are the details. I shall be 'recording' as much of the events as I can to help with my nascent MA studies, and own professional development.... If there is phone reception, I shall be tweeting from the event too... some amazing speakers... Date:  13th October 2010 Venue:  Room 836, Institute of Education, University of London, 20 Bedford Way, London WC1 H 0AL  Convenors:  David Lambert  (Geographical Association / Institute of Education) and  John Morgan  (Institute of Education) Programme: 10.30: tea/coffee 11.00: Introduction to the day. Introductions [10 mins] David Lambert :  Do we have to say what geography is? To whom?  [10 mins] 11.20: Session one. ‘Setting the scene and whetting the appeti

New Teaching Geography now available for download...

The latest issue of Teaching Geography is now available to download by those who subscribe to it.... It features a range of inspirational articles on the theme of place by Mark Jones, Eleanor Rawling, Becky Kitchen, Margaret Roberts and others... Articles range from a teacher visit to Greenland, to the urban re-branding and renaissance of Scarborough... To add a subscription to your GA membership, or to join (and gain access to the last five years of journals in electronic format) click the JOIN THE GA link.

Commonwealth Games: geographical curriculum making...

The Geography of Sport has found its way onto many KS3 schemes of work. It made its way onto mine as I used to teach in a Sports college. The PE department had a lot of money, and we didn't so it made sense to start to make a few connections. Remember that at this time of austerity, any additional source of funding for geography departments needs to be explored. The World Cup has been and gone, the Olympics aren't until 2012 (although that is getting closer every day... literally a day closer)... Just been watching the first part of the opening ceremony for the COMMONWEALTH GAMES . The weblink above includes details on getting the bid document, for activities which involve planning a bid for the games in your local area... The idea of designing the cultural element of the opening ceremony of a similar event in your home area has already been explored elsewhere.... perhaps the giant helium balloon used in Delhi could become a giant Yorkshire pudding on which images o