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GA Conference Teachmeet 2021

  Once again, we are not able to be in person at a GA Conference, so aspects of the conference cannot be done face to face. There are many highlights of any GA conference, and the Teachmeet has become established as one of them: taking place at the end of the first full day and a chance to extend the day and have a beer with friends while listening to ten or more colleagues sharing ideas from their classrooms. You can sign up to either present or lurk here. To get a flavour for the atmosphere at a Teachmeet, you can still watch 2019's version here.  Thanks to Rich Allaway of Geography all the Way for live streaming the event. This year, we are particularly interested in new and diverse voices and storytellers, who have never presented before and are ready to step up and share an idea. There should also be a link to the conference theme of Compassionate Geographies.

For the Teachers

Thanks Dave

Bye Trump...

Four years of fomenting hatred and division, ending with the invasion of the Capitol have come to an end.  "We will lead, not with the example of our power, but with the power of our example." Image: New York, taken in April 2019 - I hope to be back some day...

Neil Peart remembered - one year on

One year since the death of Neil Peart was announced. Here he is during 'Tom Sawyer'... Spatial thinking from the Professor.