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SAGT 2008

Just been invited to speak at the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers (SAGT) Conference at the Edinburgh Academy in October. This will be my 4th consecutive year at the conference, having earlier presented sessions on digital learning resources, Google Earth, Blogs, Podcasting and Nings. Here is the draft title for the session: Perhaps see some of you there. I'll post the details of how to register when they come out later in the year. It's always a super conference ! Been thinking more about my presentation, and will look at the use of the media in the classroom: TV, film, advertising etc. as well as social media, and Ollie Bray has got me thinking about using comic strips and other similar media as resources... Lots of possible areas, but it needs some sort of cohesion.

Multicultural Britain or Bland Britain ?

Here's what looks like a useful book for this section.... Called "Real England" by Paul Kingsnorth, it's on my TO BUY list... Here's the description: We see the signs around us every day: the chain cafes and mobile phone outlets that dominate our high streets; the disappearance of knobbly carrots from our supermarket shelves; and, the headlines about yet another traditional industry going to the wall. For the first time, here is a book that makes the connection between these isolated, incremental, local changes and the bigger picture of a nation whose identity is being eroded. As he travels around the country meeting farmers, fishermen, and the inhabitants of Chinatown, Paul Kingsnorth will refract the kind of conversations that are taking place in country pubs and corner shops across the land - while reminding us that these quintessentially English institutions may soon cease to exist. There is also a REAL ENGLAND blog , and you can read Paul's JOURNALISM

Our World Film Festival

Geography Film Festival Our World Festival Go to the GA website for details of the festival, which takes place on the day before the GA Conference 'proper' starts. It's worth starting your conference early to take in the conference. The GA site has details of the films that are going to be shown. Each session costs just £3 ! And of course, you need to CLICK HERE TO BUY TICKETS ! Support the FESTIVAL. See you there !

Global Culture Blog

Came across this today, as some students were exploring the idea of a Global Culture. The GLOBAL CULTURE blog.

Gary Gygax RIP

Sorry to hear of the death of E Gary Gygax : co-creator of D&D Spent a lot of time in my teenage years rolling the polyhedral dice behind a cardboard screen printed with all the dice tables and saving throw values. Still remember some classic moments. We always keep saying "once more for old times sake...." The world of computer games owes him a lot. A cheap way to pass an evening when you were a student too... Got the rules pictured in the BBC article somewhere in the loft...

Who do we think we are

Alerted to this via an RGS-IBG newsletter. A new website which explores issues of identity, diversity and citizenship. Familiar themes to Pilot GCSE Geographers !! Who do we think we are? (WDWTWA) Is a new, DCSF-funded education project designed to engage primary and secondary school teachers in the exploration of identity, diversity and citizenship with their pupils - in their schools, local communities and nationally. The project is a direct response to the recent Curriculum Review on Diversity and Citizenship, undertaken by Sir Keith Ajegbo, which recommended that all schools participate in a high profile, national event - titled Who do we think we are? Week - where the main activities would be "…investigations and celebrations by schools of pupils’ histories and their community’s roots and of the national and global links that they can make.” A new consortium of partners has been set up to help support the delivery of Who do we think we are? week - led by the