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Need an idea?

If so, you need this book. It's written by David Rogers, who has won a number of awards for his effective and creative work. He references ideas by other creative geographers too. The book is published by Bloomsbury as part of their 100 Ideas series. The book is arranged into 8 sections, based on consultation with teachers on social media. It is available to purchase from Amazon and other sources. As David says "great geography teachers change the world", but we all need some inspiration from time to time.


Coming out later this year... looks perfectly feasible... ;) Another video to 'deconstruct' for geographical accuracy to go along with Dante's Peak and the like...

Happy Birthday Jan

Happy 70th birthday to Jan Garbarek - someone I've been listening to for the last 30 years...


Mapping tool which turns world maps into Lego. .. really excellent... Nice work by John Nelson and Vanni Zhang.