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Refugee Misconception Study

  Most people overestimate how many refugees flee to the richest countries! We discovered this misconception and many more in our new Refugee Misconception Study. See all of the findings here: — Gapminder (@Gapminder) June 21, 2023 Gapminder has released a report which is available to download, and explores the misconceptions that people have about migration and refugees. As it says on the site: Refugees are often in the news. The best ways to help them, where they should be housed and how much money to spend assisting them are fought over by politicians, the public and in the media. In our Refugee Misconception Study 2023, we discovered that – regardless of people’s opinions – they were almost equally wrong about the facts. We asked nine fact questions in seven different countries. The average number of questions each person answered correctly across those countries was 2.1. That is worse than random! I like the fact that as well as