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What is the future of local ?

Here's Dan Raven Ellison looking moody and magnificent, and buying some bread, in a short film made in association with TED Conversations. Dan will be speaking at a TEDX event in Lausanne in March. He asks a question about the impact of globalisation on our lives, and what the future of LOCAL is... #futureoflocal What do you think local means ? For example, how local is the meat in this ad ? 70 miles ! That's not local for me.... What about your local regional TV news at 6pm in the evening ? I get news about Northampton and Southend... not really interested in that to be honest... There are some  interesting responses already on the TED page Why not check out the INTERDEPENDENCE mapper on National Geographic... Or order your MESHU , which is an interesting idea.

You've read the book (I hope) get the app...

Just before Christmas, I had a book published by Collins which told the story of Otzi the Ice Man . He was found high in the Italian Alps in 1991, and scientists have been piecing together his story, and his DNA for over twenty years. You can buy the book from various stockists. There's now an app where you can explore more about The Ice Man. This costs £1.49 and is available for the iPhone and iPad. The original soundtrack completes your full immersion into the atmosphere of Ötzi’s world. The fun continues when you, the young explorer, enter the Neolithic Age and dress Ötzi with warm fur clothes, examine his tattoos with a magnifying glass, and even transform yourself into the Iceman. Take a photograph of yourself, choose a background and in two easy steps, you can share your personalized image with friends... and the adventure continues! In collaboration with the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology , who kindly provided a range of images for the book.

Mac Glocalisation

Via Matt Podbury Via: Medical Insurance

Back from the North...

Spent the last 4 days in Finland and Sweden via Denmark and Estonia for a project meeting... Rather chilly and a great cruise through the Baltic overnight... Some images below in lieu of a proper write-up... Plenty of new cultural experiences, particularly melancholic Finnish karaoke...

Nice NY visualisation