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Hodder OCR GCSE Geography 2nd editions

These books have been delayed by the coronavirus, affecting printing and distribution. The OCR B book is ready to go out once it is safe to do so. Here's a first view of the new covers - they look good :) Updated support materials will also be available.

Geograph - now available in Welsh

The Geograph project has appeared here numerous times over the years. It played a big part in my first trip up to the SAGT Conference. When it was first launched, I publicised it over on GeographyPages and contributed some early images of the Norfolk area and bagged a few squares along the coast. The Geograph Project Ltd is a small national charity – an online community and project that maps the British Isles with photographs and information, “to advance the education of the public in geography and heritage”. They have over 6 million moderated, geo-located and dated images on www, , made available through a Creative Commons Licence. Many people use the website to learn about where they live or areas they might visit. Don't forget that there is also a schools area providing some activities and games that can be played to explore the millions of images. After a lot of hard work, the site has been translated into Welsh. The Schools Area is also now av

Geographical Association website - now free access for three months

Work has been going on behind the scenes to make this happen for the last few days and earlier today the necessary changes to the website were made for open access to the GA website to be enabled. There are numerous resources on here which non-members will not have been aware of. The work that we did for the Action Plan for Geography had to be made freely available, but a great deal of extra resources are provided on the website behind the members' paywall. I am very pleased to say that I had a part in quite a few of them during my time working for the Association, and before and since, including numerous resources, teacher support and CPD courses. I am also currently working on some extra guidance for teachers and resources which I hope will be added to the site in time for the Summer term, when we shall still probably be locked down. We're committed to geography education. With most children now being asked to stay at home, we have made all our teaching resources f

Iceland blog - a post a day in 2020

I'm 2 and a half months in to my latest blogging project. FIELDNOTES FROM ICELAND A post a day on the country of Iceland. Check it out and feel free to help me complete my alpabetical exploration this month. I was due to head over there in April but that has now all been cancelled...