This video forms part of a resource which I have been putting together over the last few months following the amazing scale and financial clout of Taylor Swift's ERAS tour, which is on course to raise over $1.5 billion - more than any other music tour in history, and that's without all the associated money that is spent on accommodation, travel etc. connected with the concerts - people even travel without a ticket just to stand outside the stadium while the concerts are on.

Another useful video on this web page which has the title: 'Why is the world obsessed with Taylor Swift"' It mentions a Swiftposium meeting.

There are also links with the demographic influence she has.

The effect is already affecting Australia, as can be seen in this article here, which suggested a few other industries to benefit, including tattoo artists.

She's also heading to Europe as well.

At the AAG, which this year takes place in Honolulu (happy to accept some support for me to get there in person), there is a panel session discussing Taylor Swift and the geographies related to her activities. More on that at the end of the presentation I'm creating. I've been working on this resource, which will be shared when it's ready. There are lots of ideas in its contents to use as a stand alone look at cultural geography.

I've also referenced the multiple versions of albums which are being released - at a cost of anything up to around £50 for a vinyl LP. This links with our Year 8 work on Consumption and the geography of our stuff.

Swift also has political influence as well, with both Presidential hopefuls trying to secure her support.


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