Blue Sky thinking

For the last few months I've been keeping an eye out for invites to Blue Sky - an alternative to Twitter / X, where I have a large number of followers (almost 8000) which I have built up over a period of 15 years.

The changes since Elon Musk took over have degraded the experience, increased the pointless ads, and also connected the experience of using Twitter - now renamed as X for some pointless reason - with the views of Elon Musk - someone with the money to change the world for the better... but whose businesses are changing it for the worse.

I even offered a free copy of my book: 'Why Study Geography' for a working Blue Sky code.

Finally, thanks to the author Julian Hoffman, who is working away on his latest book, I received a code earlier today and set up my new account.

My follower account is currently rather lower than 8000... but I'm finding a few familiar names there, and will connect with others in the weeks and months ahead I'm sure.

I'm also taking the chance to widen the accounts that I follow to have an alternative network experience.

See you there perhaps - please follow if you are and I'll follow you back. 

Hopefully I'll get some invite codes to share in due course.


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