New comic: Everyday Stories of Climate Change

A few years ago, I made use of a comic which had been created by Gemma Sou, working with an illustrator called John Cei Douglas, called 'After Maria'.

It was useful during the lockdown to encourage students to consider the impact of a hazard.

There is a new comic that has now been made available which contains a series of Everyday Stories of Climate Change - vignettes of places which are affected by the Climate Emergency.

This has been developed by Gemma again, but this time it has been created with the help of different people.

Travel to Bangladesh, South Africa, Bolivia, Puerto Rico, & Barbuda to discover how low-income families experience climate change, & their strategies to adapt & recover. 

The comic is based on research by Adeeba Nuraina Risha, Gina Ziervogel & Gemma. Illustrated by Cat Sims.

It can be downloaded from here.


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