Tribute to Barry Lopez

Thanks to Point Reyes Books for organising this webinar.

A special tribute to Barry Lopez (1945-2020), featuring John Luther Adams, Bathsheba Demuth, Jane Hirshfield, Robert Macfarlane, Colum McCann, and Rebecca Solnit, along with Barry’s wife Debra Gwartney. John Freeman served as moderate the conversation. This event was presented by Point Reyes Books, in partnership with Elliott Bay Book Company, Emergence Magazine, and Orion Magazine. 

This recording has been edited due to copyright issues. In the original, John Luther Adams' tribute was followed by a recording of "Sky With Four Suns." The event concluded with an excerpt from "Horizons," Jeremy Seifert's film about Barry Lopez, which can be found on the Emergence Magazine website. See later in the post.

I've read Barry's final collection of essays which came out last weekend, and it is really rather wonderful and memorable, and shocking... and it will make you cry.

Get yourself a copy...
Here's Horizons:

Horizons from Emergence Magazine on Vimeo.


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