Psychogeography, Will Self, and descriptions of landscapes...

Will Self at Google on YouTube

If you watch Will, be prepared for the fact that he might use some 'fruity language'...

Just preparing my (rather rambling) presentation for next Saturday's SAGT conference. It's on the theme of the media and geography, and throws out a lot of ideas for using the media, related to the idea of Creativity.
I will be adding some previews of some of the sections during the week, and the material will also go on Slideshare, although I have demonstrated quite a few ideas which require images for which I don't have the copyright.

Will Self has produced a series of columns for 'The Independent'. Earlier this week, he produced a couple of articles on the Holderness coast, a common case study of coastal erosion. It offers a different geographical 'lens' on this area, and the problems that it has.

The Pyschogeography columns are illustrated by Ralph Steadman, who creates a wonderful new image for each column.
Why not check out the 2 columns:

Holderness 1

Holderness 2


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