Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Global Dimension Conference

In Norfolk today for a conference organised by NEAD...

I ran 2 workshops exploring LOCAL CULTURAL DIVERSITY in the context of the local area, and the forthcoming Olympics. Below are a few of my slides, and the presentation will go up on Slideshare when it's been edited a little.The material was a combination from the GA's Teachers' Toolkit: Jenny Brassington's BRITISH OR EUROPEAN and John Widdowson's MOVING STORIES, and explored the idea of IDENTITY. Also a few slides from Tony Cassidy in there, and material from the WHO DO WE THINK WE ARE website.
What was their identity ?
What is Britain's identity ?
What is Norfolk's identity ?
There were some great, perceptive contributions from the students concerned, and there is a little more feedback to come when I get a moment.

It was also a chance to use my FLIP video camera...

I videoed some of the student work, and some of the Action Planning presentations that took place at the end of the day.

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