Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mad Men Series 2

It's back ! Series 2 starts 10th of FebruaryThis was the TV highlight of 2008...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar nomination for Peter Gabriel

A great geographically related song from the end credits of WALL-E: "Down to Earth"...
Has been nominated for an Oscar we discovered today...

Here's another "hydrologically-themed" track which is a classic live favourite. Hopefully will get to see PG again this year...

and finally another beautiful track from WALL-E with Peter Gabriel's touch on it. Used this as the mood music for an SAGT presentation:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Spore Comic Creator

There's a great buildings / vehicle creation option on Spore.
Could create a wonderful virtual city...
This comic made by my son.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Olivier Kugler

Another wonderful Olivier Kugler image in the G2 end of year cartoon special, that I finally caught up with yesterday.
This one looks at the life of FATIMA: a refugee from Somalia.
Case study was taken from REFUGEEWOMEN website.

Olivier is someone whose work I admire greatly. He draws from life: he particularly enjoys drawing on location, or from reference photos of places that he has visited. Each drawing has a wonderful sense of 'place', and there is a strong element of cartography to his work.
Below is an example for those who don't know his work: of the King's Arms pub...
Image copyright: Olivier Kugler

Like this ? Check out Olivier's website.
It would be great to have Olivier's contribution to 'My Places' in Teaching Geography...

Check out his SHETLANDS TO CUBA images too...

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Onion

My latest favourite place for 'off-the-wall' starters...
Warning: some language that might be...

YouTube Contest Challenges Users To Make A 'Good' Video

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Edexcel A2 Geography

Just been adding some sections to the EDEXCEL GEOG NING which now has over 420 members. Come and join us if you haven't already....
Noticed that one of the options for the GEOGRAPHICAL RESEARCH topic (which is Unit 4) is:

Option 4: The World of CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY (Extract from Edexcel Document)

Culture is a complex concept, with multiple meanings but universal importance to human populations. In many parts of the world consumption is the dominant, but not the only, culture. Culture varies spatially and has a distinct geography, with some areas being relatively homogenous while others offer greater diversity. Large urban areas often produce diversity, which is reflected in the population, services and built environment of cities. Attitudes to cultural diversity differ, both personal and political/national.

Cultural Patterns
Globalisation is seen by some as a key process in driving culture towards a global model, and media TNCs and communications technology aid this process. However, the pattern is complex and localised cultures do survive and new cultures can still be generated. Culture, to some extent, determines our attitude to the wider environment in terms of consumption, conservation, exploitation and protection. Attitudes to the environment differ between cultures; however, the dominance of today's consumer capitalism is difficult to resolve with pressing environmental concerns.

1. Defining Culture and identifying its value

Enquiry Question
What is the nature and value of culture in terms of peoples and places ?

2. The Geography of Culture

Enquiry Question
How and why does culture vary spatially ?

3. The impact of Globalisation on cultural diversity ?

Enquiry Question
How is globalisation impacting on culture ?

4. Cultural attitudes to the environment
Enquiry Question
How do cultural values impact on our relationship with the environment ?

Some of this has a real overlap with the PILOT GCSE, which once again suggests that there are some links between this spec and the pilot making it a good 'follow on' course.
For some ideas, check the CULTURAL LABELLED posts on my PILOT BLOG (which has now been closed to new posts)

Another Britishness book...

BLIGHTY is from the authors of "Is it just me or is everything ****"
Got it cheap. Looks quite good.
Also noticed on the schedules yet ANOTHER book about Britishness: "A Field Guide to the British" by Sarah Lyall - you can read the first chapter on Amazon.

GA Magazine

The latest edition of the GA Magazine is now available to download from the GA website (you need to log in first...)This is a particularly good issue, but then I have to declare an interest: I edited the issue, along with David Rayner.
In addition to the usual features, such as a particularly good Webwatch, there are some feature pieces on the concept of INTERDEPENDENCE.

The middle section was the bit I edited.
Highlights of the issue include:
  • "Thinking inside the box": an article on the BBC 'box' project by me
  • "Connecting Classrooms": an article by Graham Goldup on a project to develop a school link with Arusha, Tanzania & Brighton schools
  • "Windwards Revisited": an article by Martin Crabbe on the ongoing links that he has maintained following a trip to the Windward Islands in 2005
  • "Interdependence Day": a summary of the report by Joe Smith of the Open University
  • "Food glorious food - but for how much longer ?": an article by me on a TDA CPD unit that I'm writing - contrary to what it says in the magazine it's not quite finished yet....
  • "Cheap food and global interdependence" by Peter Jackson of the University of Sheffield
  • "Into Africa" - Emma Cook talking about her toolkit book
  • "A Thorny Issue" - Louise Ellis talking about her toolkit book
There is also an outline on A DIFFERENT VIEW: the Manifesto for school geography which will be launched at the GA Conference.

Thanks in particular to David Rayner, Graham Goldup, Joe Smith, Peter Jackson, Martin Crabbe, Louise Ellis and Emma Cook

Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Tony C resources..

Those teaching CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY will be delighted to hear that Tony Cassidy has been busy over Christmas, and has updated his resources, and added a few new additions. Plenty of inspiration HERE.
Thanks Tony !

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Adobe Air

Just installed a few AIR apps:
TWHIRL: Twitter client
WEBKUT: Cut sections from web pages and save them as imagesSHRINK-O-MATIC: Image resizer