Geographical Association Network open...

Back in June, at my interview for the GA post, I suggested that social networking tools could be used to supplement existing networks of geography teachers, and the role of GA branches. One platform which seemed to offer a range of features in one easy to use, attractive package was that offered by NINGS, which I used last year with my 'A' level students, and then for preparations for the new 'A' LEVEL specifications: my EDEXCEL NING now has over 300 members and there is some real quality geography being discussed. To my mind, if teachers are sharing their ideas in this forum, that's CPD !

The Geographical Assocation has now opened up the NING that we have been testing for a while to everyone !

If you find the Edexcel NING useful, I'm sure the same will be the case for the GA Ning

Hope to see you on the members list soon.

I have written a USERS GUIDE to take you through your first visit to the Ning. Look for it in the FORUM section on the left hand side of the screen.


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