Blog Action Day: Poverty

This post is for Blog Action Day on Poverty.
I spent the day today in Norfolk, just a couple of hundred yards from my old place of work, at the Students 4 Global Action conference. This was hosted by the Park High School, and organised by NEAD. It was good to work with Sandy Betlem again.

I ran 2 workshops exploring LOCAL CULTURAL DIVERSITY in the context of the local area. Below are a few of my slides, and the presentation will go up on Slideshare shortly.

The material was a combination from the GA's Teachers' Toolkit: Jenny Brassington's BRITISH OR EUROPEAN and John Widdowson's MOVING STORIES, and explored the idea of IDENTITY...
What was their identity ?
What is Britain's identity ?
What is Norfolk's identity ?
There were some great, perceptive contributions from the students concerned, and there is a little more feedback to come when I get a moment.

It was also a chance to use my FLIP video camera...

I videoed some of the student work, and some of the Action Planning presentations that took place at the end of the day.

The link with Poverty is that some of the other workshops tackled this issue, and Christian Aid were presenting at the event.
More to come tomorrow, but it's late and still got a few other bits to do...


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