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Language of Landscape Survey - prize draw

The Ordnance Survey Free Maps for 11 Year Olds are arriving in schools - you may already have had yours... When you get the maps, you will also find a couple of (much sought after) hard copies of a publication called "The Language of Landscape" The booklet is supported by a series of downloads from the NATURAL ENGLAND website.
I have created a SURVEY MONKEY SURVEY for those who have got their maps, and have also made use of the "Language of Landscape" to help students use the maps: whether inside or outside the classroom (or ideally both...)
Click Here to take survey
If you have used the maps and the book, please fill in the survey.
All completed questionnaires by 1st of December will be entered into a Prize Draw to win a copy of the KS3 Teachers Toolkit title: "Look at it this Way", a copy of the Geography Collective's "Journey Journal" and a few other geographical goodies....

Journey Journal

Spent some time yesterday with Dan Ellison pinging e-mails backwards and forwards with the rather wonderful designers at Can of Worms putting the final touches to the Journey Journal before it went off to the presses for the first print run of 3000 books.

Journey Journal is a rather wonderful book for upper secondary / lower secondary age pupils.It is designed to be used when on a "journey" of some kind, perhaps as one of the millions of days which are taken as authorised absences every year, or maybe on a foreign exchange / activity / cultural trip. It's a quirky and creative way of recording the visit, and encouraging young people to take notice of their surroundings.
Coming soon to an educational establishment near you.
Get in touch via the GEOGRAPHY COLLECTIVE website for more details of how to order....

Game without frontiers...

This game has had some great reviews, and also gone down well with my Twitter network...Saw it at a very good price earlier while doing the weekend shop, so took the plunge, and my daughter and I have been playing it for most of today... It's great fun, and lots of chance to do some lateral thinking... Get scribbling...

McDonalds in France

Cultural globalisation is one theme which has been introduced into a
This BBC NEWS article has a useful discussion on the French relationship with McDonalds...


My son can't wait to see the latest Pixar film: UP, which has been a long time coming.The plot involves a balloon salesman who ties balloons to his house and sets off on a journey. There is also a young companion called Russell who makes a lot of having a GPS device so that they will never be lost, although he then loses it...