Singh Sisters

This exhibition was shown on local news in the East of England. It opened this weekend and is on until September. It is taking place in Colchester and I hope to try to get down there. It is called Slaves of Fashion. It explores hidden narratives of Empire, Colonialism, conflict, slavery and luxury lifestyle through the lens of India's historical textile trade and their relevance to modern day legacies and debates around ethical consumerism, racism and the politics of trade. Following its huge success at Liverpool's Walker Art Gallery (where it attracted over 105,000 visitors) and Wolverhampton Art Gallery in 2018, the exhibition is planned to tour further venues - both in the UK and abroad.

Goldfrapp at the Royal Festival Hall

My friend and colleague Claire had to wait two years to see this concert, but wow was it worth the wait... Goldfrapp's debut album came out 20 years ago, and this was a tour to celebrate that album, along with some other classics. The venue was the Royal Festival Hall, which has the most incredible sound, helped by the sound design and the Q Strings, who were awesome in a James Bond style way... the album is also a classic. Here are some favourites from the evening, captured by people who thankfully were not sat near me...

Stanley Tucci

At their best, food programmes are also social history, culture, anthropology and much more. This is one of those programmes. Catch up with it on iPlayer. Tonight's programme was 45 minutes of Florentine splendour.


New Bruce Hornsby album due in March - always excellent news... this track has links to COVID in its theme and lyrics...

Taylor Hawkins, RIP

 Times like these... 

An Hour before it's Dark

Out today... I bought Marillion's first album on the day of release in March 1983, and saw the band play live quite a few times, including some early gigs with Fish... Grendel and all. The new album came out today, and references climate change, COVID, Greta Thunberg, blood diamonds in Sierra Leone and a whole range of other issues of the modern day, with a reminder that as well as being kind to ourselves it might be better to be hard on ourselves... Interestingly, I'm seeing Tangerine Dream later this month, and their special guest guitarist for the final improvisation session of the concert is Steve Rothery: the Marillion gutarist. Here's the video for the opening track: 'Be Hard on Yourself'