New Aimee Mann on the way

A new Aimee Mann album is always an event for me. She has been a constant in my weekly listening since the mid 80s. I have been able to see her play live too on her rare visits to the UK. The first time was in the Duchess of York pub in Leeds: a small room which I believe has now closed down, and where she may as well have been playing in my living room she was so close. The latest album is out in early November and is themed around the book 'Girl Interrupted'. Lyrically there are few to compare with Aimee - I look forward to the new album.

Arctic Icebergs

A nice piece in the Geographical magazine on "artist and geographer" Nick Jones.  He travelled up to the Arctic to paint icebergs in the Arctic Ocean and the results are rather wonderful. Check them out.

Grab a coffee and listen to some geography...

I'm pleased to say that I am the latest of Kit Rackley's guests on the Coffee and Geography Podcast. We chatted about a range of things which Kit picked up on in their summary. Some of the audio had to be rerecorded by me separately because of problems my end, so there was a little more in the original recording on my GA Presidents blog and the legacy of the former Presidents' work. Well done to Kit on editing that in so smoothly. Why not head there to listen to me , or perhaps to some of the other guests who are far more interesting than me :) The Podcast series has also just passed 1000 downloads. Well done to Kit and all the previous and future guests.

Garden of Remembrance

Following a run of musical posts, here's a powerful piece from Fish, exploring the impacts of dementia... as we have events for World Mental Health Day.

Bright Magic

Bright Magic is the latest album from the band Public Service Broadcasting. It is influenced by the city of Berlin, and influenced by 'Metropolis', Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Marlene Dietrich, Weimar era Germany and the history of the city. I was due to visit in 2020 for an ERASMUS trip, but the pandemic ended those plans. I have blogged about this band and their music many times before. This is another triumph after 'Every Valley' and 'The Race for Space'. The final track embraces the quotidian... with a rendition of a poem by Kit Tucholsky called 'Eyes in the Big City' with vocals by Nina Hoss. Looking forward to seeing this played live in November. Check out the album on your favourite streaming service... 

Crown Lands

I've blogged about Crown Lands before... their latest EP is now out in full. Check it out...

Full English

An interesting Conversation article on the carbon footprint of a full English breakfast. The article explores how to reduce the impact of this meal, which 80% of British people apparently say they enjoy. I used to enjoy the Little Chef and hotel breakfasts on my road trips around the country in my GA days.