UK Citizenship Test

Part of the Cultural agenda is the issue of UK Citizenship and the issue of Multicultural Britain.
There are several useful websites in this area.
The 'official' site gives details about the areas that are covered in the test. These include the following:
  • Migration to Britain
  • The changing role of women
  • Children, family and young people: families, education and legal ages for activities
  • Population
  • The regions of Britain
  • Religion and tolerance
  • Customs and traditions, including Saints Days
  • How is the UK governed ?
  • Housing and services in and for the home
  • Money and credit
  • Health
  • Education
  • Leisure
  • Travel and transport
  • Looking for work
  • Equal rights and discrimination
  • Childcare and children at work
Tony Cassidy has produced some excellent resources on the theme of Citizenship and the issue of British identity.The BBC has produced an interesting trial quiz on CITIZENSHIP. There are 14 challenging questions.
To pass the actual test you need to score at least 75%
Various companies have set up websites to offer books, and PRACTICE TESTS.


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