Culture: High or Low ? Popular or Elite ?

OK, which of these do you think would be HIGH culture, and which would be POPULAR culture.

Why not do a HIGHER or LOWER style activity a bit like "Play your cards right"

Remember to shout 'HIGHER' or 'LOWER'....

1. Watching TV Soap operas...
2. A Day at the Races: Royal Ascot perhaps ?

3. A night at the Opera

4. A night in a Workingman's Club

5. A trip round a stately home

6. A game of Bingo

7. Watching a box set of 'Desperate Housewives' on DVD

8. Reading "Heat" Magazine...

Can you suggest some other examples ? Add them as comments...

Image of Ascot from FLICKR user G w Clark for which many thanks...


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