Teenage Kicks... Cultural Objects...

Tony Cassidy has given me an idea for an exercise which we will use later this year, but which I will also encourage members of staff (and any other visitors to the site) to complete as well before we get started. Here's a slide which gives Tony's 'cultural icons' of his teenage years, which were 1987-1997...
I'd like you to answer these questions.
a) When were you a teenager ? (give the years)
b) Choose one 'cultural object' from the following list of headings which defined your teenage years the most: (you don't need to give reasons, but be prepared to be able to if challenged...)

TV Programme
Food and Drink

For each one name the country of origin of the 'object'
c) How different are yours from Tony's (or similar to them)

d) Do they tell us anything about the countries shaping culture in that period ? Why might this be?

I'll post mine later tonight if I get the chance (tomorrow if not) for comparison.


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