Caravan Gallery

Came across the CARAVAN GALLERY postcards in the shop at the Tate Gallery, Liverpool.

They has produced a series of excellent postcards which feature a range of images of locations around the country and abroad. There's a good link to geography in that they offer an 'alternative' view of familiar places.

I will reproduce one card below for representational purposes only, but would encourage you to visit the GALLERIES page - there are loads of images: SELECT ONE FROM THE DROP DOWN BOX...
They ask their visitors to answer some questions, and the SURVEYS are interesting.

Led me to this site: I'M NOT A TOURIST I LIVE HERE....

Click on the CARAVAN GALLERY link from the ARTISTS page and you can see some great images which are great for the PILOT GCSE Geography unit on MY PLACE as well as CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY on 'Britishness'.

How about taking your own pictures and we can create our own POSTCARDS or ANIMOTOs


Alan Parkinson said…
Met a friend the other weekend I hadn't seen for almost 8 years, and what did she have with her ? A book of the Caravan Gallery images !

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