I went back to the cinema yesterday for the first time since February when I saw 'Parasite' ahead of its Oscar triumph.
My son and I went to the IMAX in Norwich, where Odeon Cinemas had worked out the experience very well. We were shown to our seat which had a bubble of space around it and showed out at the end of the film one row at a time. Once the film was underway and we were in our seats we could remove our masks if we wanted to.
The film that drew us back was the new Christopher Nolan film: TENET.
Tenet release date | Christopher Nolan's film's cast, trailer & news -  Radio Times

The film's action takes place in a number of locations including London, Mumbai, Italy, Oslo and Russia.

I discovered that there is a local connection, with wind farm support vessels from Great Yarmouth being used in one of the scenes.

An enjoyable return to the cinema - this was certainly the loudest film I've ever seen, and some great performances and set pieces... and the story kept you thinking and working out what was happening throughout. 


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