Routes Issue 1: now published

The first issue of Routes Journal has now been published.
This contains a range of articles, research and book reviews contribute by 6th form geographers and undergraduates.
Each article has been peer reviewed by a team of teachers and academics.

The first article features an editorial / introduction by Klaus Dodds.

Congratulations to all of those involved in the production of this new journal.
This would make an excellent project for 6th form students to engage with.
Go here to download the articles.

I particularly enjoyed the piece by Rebecca Dunn from Loreto Grammar School.
Exploring a new exogenous force: Covid-19 and its effects on Didsbury (Manchester, UK)
which I shall add in to my latest version of the New PC Geographies document and the resources I am creating for the GA currently.
Also Joel While's piece:
A ‘strange combination’: neoliberalism and embodiment in the global food system

There's also a competition for students to enter with book prizes to win.
Something to suggest to your 'new' 'A' level Geographers which, if my school is anything to go by, will be a large cohort this year.


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