Back from York

Just had 4 days 'off the radar' (a little) in York.
Managed a few cultural highlights.
First of these was Disney's BOLT, which was really great: a great pace to the film, nice "Incredible Journey" subtext in the middle with the road trip section: loved Rhino the hamster...

Second was SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, which was exhilerating: great claustrophobic soundtrack and gripping. Below one of several films from FOX Official Movie site.

Sure both these films have their place in the GEOGRAPHY classroom...
Also had a nice meal in the Assembly Rooms, which is now an Ask chain restaurant, just round the corner from York Minster, Guy Fawkes' place and all...
Also took in a rather fine Bruichladdich 16 year old which had been in a Margaux cask - rather delicious, and did some serious shopping in the (never ending) sales: some nice North Face and Rohan, plus a soft-shell jacket.
Trip over to Harrogate as well to meet up with Val V and listen to some live jazz in the Harrogate Brasserie.

Catching up on a few other things as well:
1. Nice BLDG BLOG post link to article on the suburbs: the 'new American slums'.
2. Goathland in the North Yorkshire moors fighting to save its 'HEARTBEAT' - importance of tourism to rural economies - more on that to come...
3. Noel's updated WWW REVISITED Web 2.0 links - looking forward to some Olympics 2012 'action' as well...
4. Browsing nearly 900 pictures in #uksnow FLICKR photoset
5. Got a royalty cheque for £15.06 after my WALKING WORLD WALK was downloaded quite a few times last year. Thanks to all those who downloaded it and walked it...
7. Made a superhero thanks to the SUPERHERO FACTORY (thanks to Angela Maiers for tipoff)

Driving up noticed that I passed through an area of Lincolnshire that had been rebranded as districtnk and a guide which had the name yorkshiresouth rather than, er, South Yorkshire.


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