Mythconceptions of Place

We used Tony's Cultural Quiz in today's lesson and you liked it a lot, especially Beethoven's 5th Symphony !
Good feedback - "fun", "good", "enjoyed that", "wicked.." etc... We all did better on the popular culture than the elite culture except for one tie...

Also coming up is another resource from one of my virtual Geography colleagues, this time it's Val from Scotland. Back in 2005, she looked at the ways in which Scotland was represented as a place, and here are the first few slides from the presentation that she used at the GA Conference. I was present at her session, and we even got some pictures in the GA Magazine...We're going to do a similar exercise with Liverpool, and some other places possibly...
How are places represented ?
Year 9s will also become familiar with the ideas here as they are used to explore the images and mythconceptions that we have about China...


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