BBC go Geography bashing again

Image copyright BBC

BBC recycle the old jokes...

Yesterday, Dan Raven Ellison of the GGiP campaign appeared on the One Show, who were reporting on some bits of an OFSTED report, based on surveys from 2004... (?!) about geography teaching. They then went off on the time-worn stereotypes of geography teachers.

If you've been reading this blog you'll know that all the hundreds of posts have focussed on the topical and creative in geography and represent the way that I, and all the colleagues I know, teach.
You can watch the programme using BBC's iPlayer, and I would ask you to take the chance while you can to send a comment to the programme.

This was surprising given the fact that the One Show is generally full of geographical content (not that they'll credit us for it) and that earlier today I was watching a report by Adrian Chiles when he was on BBC Watchdog all about the Belle Tout lighthouse on Beachy Head and coastal erosion dating back years, it seems strange.
Lazy reporting, outdated comments, cheap gags at the expense of hardworking professionals. Perhaps the team could come into geography classrooms and show us how it should be done.


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