The Simpsons and Geography

Today, with my Pilot GCSE group, we explored the cultural references that were included in the episode of the Simpsons where they visited the UK
We spotted about 40 or more cultural references to people, films, food, daily life, language (spelling color with a 'u')

We also discussed why it was called the Regina Monologues, but we won't go into that here, it's a family blog....
Don't forget WIKIPEDIA for more information too on this episode...

Also looked at the BBC NEWSROUND story from the time that the episode was first shown, where it was suggested that David Beckham was not famous enough. Would that change now that he plays for LA Galaxy ?

And if you want to make your own SIMPSONS AVATAR or CHARACTER, you can visit the SIMPSONS MOVIE site. Here is an image of me as a Simpsons character:
Why not make you ?
The SIMPSONS CRAZY site features a large selection of Screenshots (as they do for each Simpsons episode), which is a great resource for teachers who want to produce worksheets related to particular episodes that they might use.

Don't forget the Simpsons page of GEOGRAPHYPAGES too.


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