Indian Study Visit - August 2013

Do you have plans for August 2013 ?

If not, you might consider a visit to INDIA, organised by Ben King and the folks at SANGAM.

Details are HERE.

(August 16th-28th 2013)
Teachers from all phases of education are invited to visit Southern India to:
 Increase their first-hand experience of a different country and culture, including visits to a variety of different schools
 Experience a wide range of environments, including the rapidly developing city of Bangalore and the surrounding rural landscape
 Enrich many curriculum subjects, particularly Geography, History, Art, RE, Music & Food Technology
 Strengthen the global dimension within their schools and gather resources to enrich teaching and learning.

What will this visit offer?
Our main objective is to enable a group of no more than 10 teachers to learn at first-hand about this  very different and rapidly developing country, with its range of cultural practices.  Unique professional development opportunities and a wide choice of activities will immerse participants in the local environment as they gather relevant learning and resources to enhance teaching and learning for years to come.
What would we do, exactly?
That depends on the group’s objectives.  The visits are carefully structured to suit the curriculum needs and particular interests of the group members; for example, some may choose to gather material for a case study of an Indian village, the rapidly changing city of Bangalore, or the environmental issue of water.  There will be opportunities to discover Indian music, art, dance, cookery and story.  We could visit temples to understand more about Hinduism and Indian village rituals.  We could visit a wide range of schools, local markets, farms, temples, and the ancient city of Mysore, plus study local wildlife; and most people choose to shop for artefacts and resources for their school.  Photographic opportunities abound in this region of India.
Where, in Southern India?
We will stay at “Sangam”, a small residential education centre on the edge of the village of Silvepura, 25 km north of Bangalore.
Find 13 06 55.00N, 77 30 09.75E in Google Earth/Maps.
Food and water is locally sourced and prepared on site.
Who will lead this visit?
The group leader will be Ben King, Head of Year 7, Head of Learning to Learn and Teacher of Geography at a school in Torbay, Devon.  He visited Sangam in February 2007 with 9 other teachers.  In India the visit will be hosted and led by Imogen and Kiran Sahi, both teachers, who live and work at Sangam.  Alongside founding and running Sangam, Imogen is an Education training consultant for the British Council, and Kiran is consultant design faculty at a local Institute of Art.
How much will it cost?
£600 will cover all costs in India (accommodation, food, study packs, travel, and admin.)  The airfare is currently around £550-£600.  You will also need a visa (£39), some vaccinations, and travel insurance.
What to do if you are interested.
 Please visit Look at “Next teacher study visits 2013” and read more.  See in particular the “further information” about this particular visit, and also read about previous visits.
 Download the document, “How to join the visit” which gives details of timings.
 Download an application form, and post to Ben King by Friday February 15th 2013 at the latest.
Applications will be reviewed as per received, and appropriate applications will be given places on a first-come basis.
 Attend the essential preparation session, where you will share objectives, and hear full information and advice about travel, health and cultural issues.

Group leader: Ben King, Head of Year 7, Churston Ferrers Grammar School, Brixham, Devon  TQ5 0LN. E-mail:


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