Mission:Explore Food

The Geography Collective has been very busy for the last few months getting ready for the launch of our 4th book. This one is a biggy. Mission:Explore Food has over a hundred and fifty missions, plus recipes and information on the theme of food.
It's available to purchase on iTunes
Last Saturday morning was spent at the GA Secondary Committee meeting, at the October Gallery

It was great to head over to Hackney City Farm after the meeting. Thanks to Victoria and Beth from the committee for coming along to support us too.
As a backer of the book, I was also able to pick up a signed limited edition print produced by our genius artist Tom Morgan-Jones as well. There was real ale, salad cities, pea throwing, artistry and music. And a few speeches by Dan Ellison.
Next stop for the Geography Collective's Spaceship is the Latitude Festival.

Here's a quote from Helen Pallett who liked what we've done in our book a lot:

Mission:Explore’s approach is both exciting and empowering, giving its readers full control over their experience of the book, choosing from a wide variety of missions which they can carry out in their own way. The organisation of the book into more than 150 different missions encourages experiential and creative learning; and, encouragingly from the perspective of an academic geographer, it reveals geography to be a collection of different practices rather than the abstract study of maps and countries. This is a radical challenge to the traditional fuddy-duddy image some people have of geography. The tasks and information sections cleverly weave wide-ranging scientific, political and historical themes through the book. On top of this the mission-based format, encompassing joke-telling and poetry, food preparation and growing, community interaction and fact-finding, encourages readers to go beyond the content of the book to find out more from the internet and the people around them, and to develop important critical thinking skills.

Check the BLOG for more, including this from chef Tom Kitchin:

 helps young people in  to understand the journey their food makes from nature on to their plate."

“Oh blimey the book is BRILLIANT!!!!! It needs to be in every school in the country!” Emma Freud

Image: Alan Parkinson


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